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Industrial Wear Blades "IWB" are for Light Industrial, and Skid Loaders with lift capacities from 3,500 to 6,500 pounds and come in widths from 76 to 92 inches.  The industrial wear blade fits over the top and bottom of the cutting edge of the bucket and is secured by only 2 bolts.

Key Benefits

bulletProtects the cutting edge of the bucket, particularly when skidding on pavement.
bulletReplace wear blade in 5 to 10 minutes.
bulletIndustrial wear blade is made of 3/4 x 6 High Carbon Steel

Available Sizes

Model Number Width in Inches Weight in Pounds
IWB 70 69-1/8" to 79" 106
IWB 80 79-1/8" to 89" 113
IWB 90 89-1/8" to 99" 130

 Inside dimension of the bucket is required in order to manufacture your tooth bar.


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